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We develop bespoke complete solutions to meet the various requirements of hospitals, residential and care homes, laundries and companies operating in the textile and garment industry.


Our comprehensive range of products comprises heat seal machines, textile printers, transfer presses, print systems and products for textile marking, such as scanners, as well as the RFID technology product line.

Our supplies include heat seal materials for textile repairs, marking tapes, films, labels and ink ribbons as well as items for laundry logistics, including various transport and sorting solutions. Numerous labels and marking tapes are certified according to the Oeko-Tex® Standard 100.

Thermotransferdrucksysteme ThermoTex

Thermal Transfer Printing Systems

We offer modern thermal transfer printing systems, designed to easily and quickly create textile labels for various applications. The printing systems, being available with and without feed unit, are ideally suitable for stand-alone operation but can also be connected to a computer.
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Betriebsmittel Thermotransferdrucksysteme ThermoTex


We provide die-cut washable name labels with bespoke prints in various qualities and designs to quickly and comfortably mark textiles, for example resident clothing.
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Patchmaschinen ThermoTex

Heat Seal Machines

Our heat seal machines are characterised by durability, purposeful design and easy operation. They have been designed and manufactured in compliance with the latest engineering guidelines and therefore ensure durable marking.
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Embleme ThermoTex

Emblems - Transfers

For high-quality marking of work wear and protective clothing, umbrellas, promotional materials and sport and leisurewear in corporate design. You have the choice between different types of emblem – something for every taste and regardless of the type of application.
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Transferpressen ThermoTex

Transfer presses

ThermoTex Transfer presses are the perfect solution for quick, high-quality and convenient marking of workwear and protective clothing, sport and leisurewear and fabric advertising.
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Textilprinter ThermoTex

Textile printers

With these functional textile printers we offer you functional solutions for heat-sealing and printing with cliché and heat-sealing tapes, to the highly professional devices for the sealing of emblems and transfer on rolls. The high-performance machines are ideal for the rapid marking of large quantities with a uniform motif.
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Temporäre Kennzeichnung ThermoTex

Temporary Marking

The complete system for temporary or permanent marking for laundries and dry cleaners can meet any requirement. You can choose from a wide variety of products, including normal heat-sealing labels, buttonhole labels and tag-on labels to be attached using the tagging gun.
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Transpondertechnologie ThermoTex

RFID technology

Our transponders are ideal for fully automated identification of textiles during washing processes and offer access to a global, unique identification number. This number can, for example, be assigned a carrier name, number of washing cycles or washing requirements.
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Scannersysteme / Barcodes ThermoTex

Scanner systems/Barcodes

Choose from our range of hand-held scanners, which can be used as a hand-held scanner with manual operation or as a stationary device on a stand with auto-trigger function.
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Wäschetransport-Textilien ThermoTex

Laundry transport textiles

Laundry sacks are used in many old people's and care homes, hospitals and industrial laundries.
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Wäschetransportsysteme ThermoTex

Laundry transport systems

We offer the perfect solution for the transportation, storage and sorting of your laundry items and ensure both order and hygiene. Thus, you will improve your laundry logistics and facilitate your employees' working processes.
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Wäschesortiersysteme ThermoTex

Laundry sorting systems

ThermoTex's new laundry sorting systems provide for all-round sorting security on all levels. Clear identification with barcodes, data matrix codes or transponders relieves your workforce, improves the overall quality of your working processes and much much more.
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Software ThermoTex


Whether you need easy-to-use laundry management software or software for designing labels, we always have the right solution for your requirements.
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